Shayna Texter battles hard at Springfield Short Track Doubleheader

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When we looked at the 2020 American Flat Track schedule at the beginning of the season the one weekend that looked to be less than favorable for Shayna’s riding style was the Springfield Short Track. These tight tracks are difficult for Shayna as they become a bit of a physical battle with lots of bar banging action. This past weekends event was exactly what we expected. Shayna rode hard and made consistent improvement throughout the day but it was the early qualifying times that would prove to be costly all night. Shayna’s qualifying times put her on the 4th row for the semi qualifiers. A fourth row start on a Mile or Half Mile track isn’t nearly as big of an issue but on a track with 13 second lap times its almost impossible to move people out of the way to gain positions.

Shayna’s laptimes were fast and very consistent during the actual racing but starting deep in the field kept her from earning the result that she had hoped for. Shayna earned valuable championship points during the first main event but did not transfer out of the semi for the second main. The number 52 team will drop to 6th in the Championship standings but are encouraged to have 8 consecutive races on Half Mile tracks starting with a double header this weekend on her home track at Williams Grove.