Shayna Texter and the Red Bull KTM team showed progress on the banked, clay track at Charlotte

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As the 2020 season nears an end some teams have already switched their focus to 2021. Shayna Texter and the Red Bull KTM team remain fully engaged on finishing the 2020 season strong and to getting the number 52 back out front where it belongs before we start thinking of next year.

This past weekend in Charlotte the number 52 team joined several other AFT teams and a top IMSA Sports-car program at an amazing indoor rock climbing event at Cliff Hangers in Mooresville, North Carolina. NBC was on hand to cover the event as well.

Here is a sneak-peak!

The Charlotte Half Mile track is located just outside the confines of the Charlotte Motor Speedway. The track is a red clay banked surface and more of a traditional shape compared to the recent more “D” shaped tracks. Shayna was fast right away and found herself on the front row for the semi qualifier.

Shayna got a great start in the semi and immediately began to stretch out a lead before a red flag appeared on the 4th lap. The flag would signal a downed rider and would force a re-start of the semi. Shayna once again got a good start but she hit handlebars with an aggressive rider that forced her off of the main line. Shayna adjusted and raced home to finish the 8 lap event in 4th place.

The main event saw riders using lines all over the clay surface. Shayna rode hard but battled lack of front and rear grip from about the midway point of the race. A frustrated and disappointed Shayna Texter brought the number 52 Red Bull KTM to the paddock at the conclusion of the event with hopes of making adjustments for Saturday’s event. The Saturday portion of the Charlotte event was rained out…the team will head to Daytona for the final two rounds on the little “Bull Ring” short track on October 16-17.

My team has worked so hard this season. We are making progress with the new tires but it has been a long season. I’m thankful to have these guys on my side along with all of my partners and fans! (I also love my Red Torpedo ST52 shirts…make sure to grab one before they are gone!)

Always fun spending time with Felipe Nasr at Cliff Hangers before the Charlotte Half Mile. I have watched him race a bunch over the years…I’m happy he finally got to see us race in person this week.

This is how we travel during Covid-19. Briar and are able to avoid airports and hotels and keep each other safe. It’s a lot of extra work sometimes with campers but we love our life!

The Red Bull KTM team is such a supportive group. They are providing me with everything that they have to help me get back up front.

Pretty nice benefit to have a fiancé that is the current Grand National Champion. We share thoughts about the track between sessions to help give us every advantage that we can find.

Such a great feeling to be back out front and leading races!

Saturday was a wash out. The rains came before I was able to make a single lap on Saturday. Now we head to Daytona for the final two nights of the 2020 season.